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    Pherae, Lycia, Đại lục Elibe

    and gather it all
    in a bunch of heather​

    Length: Oneshot
    Language: English
    Fandom: Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken | Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword
    Relationships: Eliwood / Hector
    Genre: Romance, Historical
    Rating: T
    Warnings: Major Character Death
    Disclaimer: FE6-7 belongs to Intelligent Systems and Nintendo. I do not own anything. | FE6-7 thuộc quyền sở hữu của Intelligent Systems và Nintendo. Mình không sở hữu gì cả.
    Fire Emblem 6-7, Regency AU

    AO3 - Twitter

    Dearest Hector,

    I hope this letter finds you in good health. At least, to my belief, that you would have far better health than I.

    How are you faring, my love? Has your councillors given you enough trouble for a lifetime, or do you still pertain to your fighting spirit? Be careful not to rile Oswin up too much, for as much as he is an old coot, he is an essential gear to your clockwork, and I humbly request that you listen to whatever he needs to say first before going against him. Speaking of, please send my best wishes to Matthew and Leila as well. I can still recall when we first met them, bright-eyed and optimistic, as young apprentices under old Oswin's tutelage. It is a pity that I may not see Leila in a wedding dress, smiling as she and Matthew exchange vows in the altar, becoming the happiest lady in the world. Let us hope that they will be happy for years to come.

    Is Lilina still well? Last I've heard, she had been under Lady Cecilia's tutelage, training in etiquette and diplomatic arts. Though I am most certain that our daughter would turn out to be one exceptional Marchioness, I worry that she has become too much like her Papa, the fire in her heart burns so bright that it may consume her. Please do not misunderstand - I am proud that she shares our youthful drive and our boyhood hopes and dreams, yet I cannot help but worry that her passion may someday result in her sorrow.

    It is much more peaceful here in Pherae, and I have been recovering ever so slightly. I have become less susceptible to bouts of faintness, and less reliant on my cane to walk, at least for the distance from my office to the gardens. Serra has been an exceptional physician - I thank you for sending her my way before exchanging our farewells. Whatever remedies she had diagnosed me with, it seems to be working. I am hopeful that the remedy may work in no small wonders, and yet, you do not love me for my optimism, do you?

    Rebecca and Lowen are expecting their second child. I am enclosing the invitation to their baby shower in nine months' time, handwritten by yours truly along with this letter. They deserve the world, my dear, for they have served House Pherae faithfully throughout the years without complaint, even though I have specific tastes in cuisine and Roy was not the image of the model child when he was an infant. It is but a small ceremony - neither of them have much fancy for the extravagance, yet I am certain you will enjoy it regardless. They have also missed you terribly, my dear, so please pay them a visit if you can.

    The other day, Lady Cecilia had sent a most curious proposition: our scholar friend had expressed her wish in tutoring Roy. He would be joining a training regime similar to that of Lilina, and, if need be, may cross paths with her on several occasions. I am confident that our boy has grown to have interest in the books in our personal library, but I am uncertain if sending him back to Ostia would be the best idea. He came with me back to Pherae because he needed my company, as I needed his. I fear that he would destroy himself if he stays away from my side for too long.

    As night falls in Pherae, my own misery and worries consume me. At times like these, I long for your warm embrace and your sound advice. I am torn between giving our son the best education and keeping him from misery. Whatever should I do, Hector?

    I must have talked your ear off in this letter, and yet I have so much more to tell you. You must come to Pherae when you can make time for me, and I shall treat you to the sweetest of teas, just like the old days of our youth. If not, I shall await the day of my return to Castle Ostia, my return by your side.

    Until we meet again.

    Yours faithfully,


    My dear Eli,

    It's good to see your letter.

    I am in fairly good spirits. We have been quite busy after Matthew and Leila's wedding, and I am trying my best to pen you a letter during these hectic days. Maybe it is my inherent pessimism, but there are no certain terms that will clear up the mess at hand.

    I must tell you straight, Marquess Laus is being difficult in our alliance again. Do not worry for Oswin, for he is one of the very few men I trust - as a matter of fact, he had handled the Laus situation better than I could have. All things considered, however, we are but mere fighters, not diplomats. I wish you were here, Eli. You always know what to do in these unfavourable circumstances.

    Lady Cecilia has returned my correspondence with the highest of praises for the little princess. Lilina has also written to me often, telling how exceptional her tutor is, and how much she has learnt. I am sending them all your way so you might have a point of reference and quell your worries. If you ask for my opinion, sending our youngest child to join his sister in tutelage in Ostia is not an awful decision; if he ever misses his old man, I shall be there to support him. You must remember that I am his father as much as you are his, and we share our responsibilities in caring for them.

    Do imagine though - a little marchioness and her brother as her adviser. They will raise hell in all of Lycia, and Laus will have no grounds to stand on with their joint efforts.

    Now, how fares your health, my dear? Is Serra giving you a hard time? I sent her with you because she is the best physician we have - she and the surgeon under her wing had done wonders for Uther's help before his passing - though, she is sort of a chore to deal with. I pray that her rattling does not grate your ears and make you feel more ill before she even gives you her remedies.

    Please send my regards to the happy couple. I am uncertain that I would be able to visit and see the lout or lass to come myself - the Laus situation might take longer than we had anticipated - push comes to shove, I will make sure to send a gift for their newborn infant.

    Speaking of the happy couple on our side - yes, Leila did look exceptional in her wedding dress, and the couple was overjoyed the entire time. This is a good sign, I reckon, they have been in love with each other for years, and we are all blessed that they have finally tied the knot. The ceremony was but a small one - we must make haste if we ever want to catch up with any of our work - and yet everyone in the castle took time to arrange it and cheered as they were wed. I thank the Eight Saints that no-one was drunk the next day, or we would no doubt be sorely behind schedule.

    I miss you too, Eli. Get well soon and come back to me. When you come back to Castle Ostia, my arms will be open, waiting to wrap you in my embrace.

    Forever yours,


    My dearest Hector,

    Allow me to deliver my most heartfelt congratulations for the Ostian Army's victory against the Empire of Bern. War is yet another inevitable bane - I have no love for war, and yet, if Emperor Zephiel had decided to strike for Lycia, we need to do what we must. That would mean more work is in order for me - the morrow after this letter is written, I must head for Khathelet posthaste to sign the subsequent treaty with the Empire.

    I trust that our comrades are well? Matthew had graced my presence several moons ago, regaling the situation at the battlefields. I am relieved to hear that most of our closest companions survived the might of Bern - with the Empire's might, I had feared that our campaign might have been a failure; and yet, you have never failed to surprise me and managed to prove me wrong. I thank the Eight Saints for protecting you and our trusted companions, and for the future where our children never have to suffer the desperation of war.

    Allow me to send my condolences for our fallen soldiers and their families at home. If you would have me, I shall draft my speech for them at the earliest convenience.

    I thank you for the violet seeds you have sent me all the way from Ilia. A small merchant girl - Shanna, and what a sweet girl she was - had them delivered to me just over a moon ago. With the help of our ever faithful friend Rebecca, I have taken the liberty to plant these seedlings myself, in the garden we used to share in Castle Pherae, so they may remind me of your love every day in my wake. Enclosed in the letter is a drawing of mine, of the small lovelies blossoming in our garden. I am no artist, yet I hope I may convey myself on parchment how these tiny lives mean to me, as much as the thought of you and our children fill my heart with warmth.

    How are our children faring? It has been so long since either of them have corresponded to this feeble man. I would rather hear about their adventures to the realms of knowledge from the horse's mouth - I've always loved our boy's enthusiasm as he recounted his lessons on diplomacy and the history of the different regions of Elibe, as well as our princess' penchant for alchemy and the natural sciences. I write to them once every two months, per usual, and eagerly await their correspondence. Despite the warmth I would get from their letters, I regret to admit that I have been out of touch with their lives, owing to this feeble body of mine - I have not been in Roy's life for so long, and I might have not been in Lilina's since she was an infant. My dear, do you think they resent me, for being so absent, for my warmth has not reached them from the confines of my bed?

    How long has it been since I saw Ostia last?

    My ailment has yet to wane over the years, unfortunately. It does not matter whether I reside in Castle Pherae or Castle Ostia - the chilling winters never suit me. Getting out of bed and walking to my office has become increasingly difficult, as my feet refuse to carry me further than the distance from my bed to the bedroom door. I find myself succumbing to faintness and occasions of breathlessness, far too often for my liking. Please do not thrust any blame on Serra - our physician and her assistant had tried their hardest to care for me. I say that, and yet...

    Every day I curse the Saints for granting me this helpless body, for rendering my aching heart useless to love properly. I despise this powerlessness of mine, for I had longed for your warmth for so long, my dear, and with our busy occupations, my helplessness and the distance between us, I may never have the chance to embrace you ever again.

    Though ailing I may be, my heart still yearns for you. I miss you, Hector, and I miss our children. The day I return to Ostia cannot be soon enough.

    Yours faithfully,


    My dear Eli,

    My thanks for assisting Lycia with the peace treaties with the Empire of Bern. Even when illness slowly wears down your physique, Marquess Pherae's prowess never fails to strike awe into foreign loyalties and diplomats alike. That is what I have always admired about you, along with your determination, your perseverance, and the burning fire in your heart.

    Lycians might be indebted to Marquess Pherae's diplomatic prowess, but I am indebted to your warm heart, holding on and beating for our family until now. Even as I held you in my arms, I could scarcely believe it - my dear husband, alive and breathing, in my embrace right here in Castle Khathelet. I prayed for the Saints that the journey to Khathelet was favourable - you and I both know that I had never trusted our deities since Uther's passing, yet a foreboding fear had arisen in me that if had not prayed for the Saints' blessings, Serra would have my head the moment she graced my presence.

    Before I left for Ostia, I had promised our children that I would buy them the best confectioneries from Khathelet and bring them one of their Father's paintings. I thank you, again, for indulging them in their request.

    Correspondences to Lady Cecilia reported that Roy had shown promise in diplomacy, not unlike his Father. He has many a ways to go, and I am hopeful that he will turn into a fine man and even a better Marquess. By this point, Lilina was increasingly advancing her education as she expressed more and more interest in alchemy and the sciences. She often wrote home about the stars she had observed at night, and whatever experiments she had been working on for her thesis. Our children may surpass us one day, and that would be my greatest joy - I hope that they, too, become your pride and joy as they grow into their own. Do not fret about them not loving you - our children have been most excited to read your letters, even though they only consist of updates on your work, your health, and the little garden you cared for.

    Speaking of which, I hope the violets you've grown have turned out beautifully. I have tried to seek for the finest seeds in Ilia - Shanna's elder sister Juno had been a charming companion over the years, and she had helped me pick out these seedlings. I hope they bring you joy, as much as the joy you and your children have brought to me ever since we are betrothed.

    Send my well-wishes to our faithful friends Rebecca and Lowen, and tell them what a great help their first son has been to our prince and princess. Wolt has grown into a fine man under Oswin's rigorous training, and is expected to be a knight of calibre. There is something I must tell you: our little prince has expressed some interest in the young knight. As much as I support our boy to marry someone he truly loves, I do not wish for him to face scrutiny for marrying someone who would become his servant. I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter - though I fear you may be as clueless as I, you are usually endlessly wiser anyway.

    Our time together was short, but I enjoyed every single moment I was by your side, even when my arms tired from assisting you to our carriage. I often wished that these moments with you would last forever, but the Saints might not be as generous as to grant me so many wishes.

    Goodbye for now. Until we meet again.

    Forever yours,


    My Lord Hector,

    Please instruct Lord Roy and Lady Lilina to come to Castle Pherae posthaste. Lord Eliwood's condition had turned for the worse last night. I fear he has not long to live.

    Your faithful servant,


    My dear Eli,

    It has been four years since you have left us and we miss you all the same. Pherae may mourn a Marquess and a great knight, but Ostia mourns a father, a husband, and a warm heart.

    Roy has grown much into his role as Marquess Pherae - our little prince has exceeded our expectations and more, being both as wise as his Father and as fierce as his Papa. The poor darling still cries himself to sleep from missing you and your warm hugs, but he has become less melancholic over the years. True to our predictions years prior, he has fancied young Wolt for years but never tried to express his affections, for he was scared of rejection and the scrutiny his knight would face if their "affair" had been made public. I pulled some strings to protect their privacy, so that their love may blossom under my watch, though I, too, fear that this relationship may not last. I pray for your guidance, my Eli. Have I truly considered their best interest in mind? What would you have done?

    Not having the heart to part with her mourning brother, Lilina has decided to stay in Pherae for the time being. She has really grown into the role of his adviser, helping Roy with his diplomatic duties and telling him to rest at the right time. Her nights were no longer that of studying the stars and the sky, but that of reading on history and diplomacy. It is just as you had feared - your passing has hindered her time as a scientist and geared her towards being a governor instead. She is not necessarily content in the turn of events, but she had confided in me, when the nights grew colder, that science may need to take a step backwards if she wanted to protect her family.

    Being Marquess Ostia is more difficult without you here. To exacerbate my workload, Oswin also passed away last year. Matthew and Leila are of great help to our affairs, and Serra has been an exceptional councillor despite her incessant nagging, but it has never been the same as when you were still with us. I still remember our boyhood dream of taking the world by storm together like it was yesterday, with I your strong warrior and you my trusty adviser. Do you remember the plans we made between the walls of my bedroom, plans to make Ostia, Pherae, and Lycia the utopia Roland had dreamt of aeons ago? Watch over me, dear Eli, as I continue on our dream, and make Lycia a place worth living.

    As for the others, so far, so good. Unfortunately for Matthew and Leila, their little lass inherits her father's adventurous spirit and her mother's sporadic behaviour - Matthew has really had a tough time reigning her in. Your faithful companions still serve House Pherae as far as I know, and we have been in touch, giving each other's updates about our lives as I enquired them about our children. Rebecca and Lowen's daughter is soon to be eight, and what a menace and a half the lass turns out to be, a sharp contrast to her more subservient and polite brother. If we had set up a playdate for these lasses alone, they shall raise hell upon Lycia, and there would be no-one capable of hindering their paths.

    I have told you before, have I not? Even when you or I have left one another in this world, I would still be satisfied with the years you have given me. The sorrows from your passing have not tainted the memories we share, filled with the joys of our youth, the happiness of our children, and the warmth of our hearts.

    Goodbye for now. Until we meet again.

    Forever yours,


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